Getting Started

What is Beam and how does it work?
What do I need in order to use Beam?
Can I sign my business up?
Who can use Beam?
What regions do you support?
Why use Beam versus an exchange?
Do you offer on-ramp?
Why do I need to provide my crypto wallet address?
How do I change my payout destination?


How do I create an account?
Why do I have to verify my identity? 
What information will I need to provide to verify my identity? 
How do I know that my data is safe? 

Cashing Out

Which chains do you support?
Where does my money deposit?
How long does it take to cash out?
How does Beam convert the crypto? 
What are the fees?
Will I receive one Beam address for all chains?
Can I connect multiple payout methods? 
Do I need to use the app every time I want to cash out?
What does it mean if the transaction status is Processing?
What does it mean if the transaction status is In Review?